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When attempting to compile the OpenOCD from it's source directory @


I found that it wouldn't compile due to incompatibility with clang 3.6.

The  error was :

../../../../src/flash/nor/sim3x.c:867:20: error: address of array

'sim3x_info->device_package' will always evaluate to 'true' .

Googling it, it seems that this issue was already resolved, and there is a patch for it.

In ordet to apply the patch into the existing scripts, one would need to:

1. download the attached file and place in under <root>/toosl/OpenOCD/source/patches

2. update the just_oocd.sh and add the patch file name as follows:

git am ../patches/0027-TCL-Delete-files-with-unicode-names-that-MinGW-can-t.patch

git am ../patches/0028-Fix-up-RTOS-implementation-for-FreeRTOS-ThreadX.patch

git am ../patches/0029-Cortex-A-Revert-changes-which-break-the-sflash-write.patch

git am ../patches/169db31a.patch

cd ..

After that, the OpenOCD should be built and run just fine... assuming you already had the Xcode and Xcode command line tools installed. ( OS X only )

I haven't seen that on the SDK build notes, but it's an additional prerequisite that is clearly needed.


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