Changing WWD Thread priority

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We are working on BCM4343W based WiFi Murata module with ARM Cortex M4 based platform (interfaced through SDIO) and uses ThreadX/NetX. The WICED SDK version we are using is 3.5.2

wwd thread priority is set to highest which is 0 (in case of ThreadX). When we change this priority i.e. set to lower priority e.g 5 then driver is failing.

Is it expected to work with other thread priorities?

On Similar base, we also have BCM43362 (Murata SN8000ufl) module with ARM Cortex M4 based platform (interfaced through SPI) and uses ThreadX/NetX

When we change wwd thread priority for BCM43362 (i.e. ThreadX priority 0, 5, 20), it works fine.

So we expect it should also work for BCM4343W.

Please suggest why it is failing for BCM4343W.

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Moving to Murata forum, adding ghouse​ from Murata as perhaps someone from his team can respond.

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Why do you want to change the WWD therad priority?

Do you hit any issue with the default priority setting?

I think it works for BCM43362 after changing the priority is just good luck (and not in heavy loading).

I don't think you can change the WWD thread priority, it should use the highest priority.

You will hit more issues if other higher priority threads block WWD thread.

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The WWD Thread is invoked only in two cases:

1. When the WICED board is sending some data to the wifi controller

2. When the Wifi controller has some data which has to be processed by the WICED board's MCu

The WWD thread is of the highest priority to ensure the WICED won't miss any packets to be sent or received.

BCM43362WCD4 is using STM32F215RGT6 MCU

Whereas the 4343WWCD1 is using STM32F411VEH6 MCU and the 4343WWCD2 is using  STM32F412VEH6 MCU.

There might be some differences in the drivers or something else which is causing this behavior.

it is never advisable to change the WWD thread priority unless you have complete understanding of the WICED SDK.