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Hw-team asked me that tx-pwr adjust of wifi.

we adjusted wifi_nvram_image[] of wifi_nvram_image.h but it has been adjusted until 9dB.

we want to adjust more low tx-pwr.

Let me know how to adjust tx-pwr?

And can i choose mode 802.11 b or g or n ?

Hw-team tell me that b mode is high than g mode or n mode so b mode would ignore.

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For the Tx Power test

1. You can refer demo project console and make target run.

     - in console command :

               set_tx_power <0-31>  // you can set dBM, watt,... etc

2. mfg_test program

    - you can control Tx power also

    if your H/W want to control this tx power, it might be to set the power table for the certification(Country Regulatory)

    you can inform above two ways.


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For datarate (11b, g or n mode), below thread would be help.

How can I limit the WiFi-data-rate?

But you can't disable 11b mode even if the power consumption is higher.