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How long before the beacon arrival time a station wakes up?

How long a station will stay awake if the beacon is missed?

Where these timers have been defined?

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I am assuming that you are discussing about the WLAN Powersave PM1 mode which uses the PS-POLL approach and CYPRESS radio is working as a STA in the BSS

1. STA wakes up in every listen interval, value of which is preset in the WLAN firmware which is in the multiple of BI

2. STA will stay awake for 10 ms if the beacon is missed.

1. The device cannot wake up immediately at the beacon interval. For example, many derivers wake up the device 1-3ms before the actual beacon reception time. I wanted to know what is this value on the CYW43907 platform? and would it be possible to adjust it? We want to measure the impact of time synchronization on beacon loss and we need to have access to this parameter.

2. I think it stays awake for a longer duration as I can see on oscillator. 10ms is used when U-APSD is enable the devices want to go back to sleep mode. Where can I find the extended wake up delay parameter?