BLE Characteristic not showing up after discovering services

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On a bcm9wcd5eval1_3 , using ble_proximity_reporter as a base, I added my own services and characteristics to 

const uint8_t gatt_db[] = {


I have added 1 service with 2 read/write chars and 1 notify char.

If I try to add a 3rd read/write char, it does not show up in the in the discovered services/chars

If I move the 3rd read/write char above the notify, the new char shows up but the notify does not.

Is there some upper limit or define that allows only a certain number of services/chars to be defined.


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What do you use as a client?

If you use Android phone, number of characteristics may be limited.

It looks over 32 characteristics doesn't work well.

Please check how many characteristics in your gatt_db.