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I have a project based on the iot-shadow example that works. When I add the -debug to a clean build of the project and set a breakpoint at the beginning of application start the breakpoint is never tripped. The console output shows:

Starting WICED v3.5.2

Platform BCM94343W_AVN initialised

demo.aws_iot.shadow-BCM94343W_AVN-debug download download_apps

also tried

demo.aws_iot.shadow-BCM94343W_AVN-debug download download_apps run

also tried clicking debug icon after load

Any help would be appreciated.

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Make sure you have removed all breakpoints to start fresh and run clean once before compiling the debug applicaiton

Kindly make sure you have added breakpoint at a valid line.

I tried debugging using the shadow application and noticed no issues.

Also request you to go over the debug settings in your debug configuration.


I said I already did that. What I want to know are the steps to setup the “debug settings in your debug configuration”.