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Project is sending data to AWS IoT Platform. Hours into running, the BLUE WLAN LED goes off. But my connection to Access Point and IoT Platform is still alive.

Could not find file where WLAN LED is set to High/Low. In there will lie the clue why the LED goes off and it's implications.

Looking forward to guidance on file containing WLAN LED definition.

Hardware: Avnet BCM94343W

WICED SDK: 3.5.2.

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On Reboot WLAN LED is ON

Stays ON for ~ hour and goes OFF

comes ON again after hours (don't know the frequency for lack of ability to maintain a stare for that long!)

and the cycle repeats ...

During all of this, i do not get a single MQTT Disconnect event and all message activity to/from AWS is working fine.

I understand WLAN LED is a WifI Activity LED. It is protocol dependent?

What's the best way to read it's status in the MCU. Any other WiFi related system variables i can monitor?