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Wi-Fi Combo

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我们现在使用的是43907模块,wiced 6.4


我在论坛上有看到帖子说(Does someone know the details of roam scan?

   In addition if all the access points are set to channel 1, 6, 11,  we can preset the scan channels into 1, 6, 11 instead of all the 2.4G channels or 5G channels.  It will give a much quicker scan speed and improve the ratio of the roam.
   BG Channel Set:
Optional value: Full (all channels); 1,6,11 ; 1,7,13; or Custom

我在sdk中没有找到BG clannel set的设置的地方。


如果扫描全部信道,需要怎样才能设置这个BG channel set。


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