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Infineon strives to enhance user experience by providing *ease-of-use* Software for swift activation of the AIROC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo.

This guide outlines the steps for Debian package installation on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin AGX + CYW55573 board to enable the WLAN module in just a couple of minutes.

NVIDIA Jetson Orin AGX + CYW55573 Debian Package Bring-Up Steps

  • Introduction

             The steps outlined in the document describe how to install the Debian package in order to enable the WLAN module on the Jetson Orin AGX platform.

  • Pre-requisite

             Ensure that the default kernel image from NVIDIA Jetpack 5.1.2 with kernel version 5.10.120 is installed.

             Jetpack SDK 5.1.2: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetpack-sdk-512

             Once this requirement is met, proceed with the following instructions.

  •     Hardware
    1. Jetson Orin AGX board
    2. CYW55573 M.2 module



  • Debian package bring-up
    1. Install the package cyw55573-jetson-orin-agx-1.0-1-arm64.deb using the command:
  •              % sudo dpkg -i cyw55573-jetson-orin-agx-1.0-1-arm64.deb


    1. Use the following command to check if the wlan0 interface is available:

                 % ifconfig


  • ChihYuanC_26_3-1701210814471.png

                     c. To assign a static IP address to the wlan0 interface, use the command provided below:

                          % sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

                     d. The IP address subnet should match that of IP address of AP. Once you have assigned an IP address, check the output of the ifconfig command.

  • ChihYuanC_26_4-1701210910401.png


We have spotted a path correction to the script that was used for Debian package (Firmware/FMAC) creation and so we updated/fixed that script.

Using this updated script we created the deb pkg, there are no any firmware/FMAC files changes in this deb package.

There're 2 *.deb packages been attached:

  1. cyw55573-jetson-orin-agx-1.0-1-arm64.deb --> Fmac driver, firmware pkg Debian file.
  2. ifx-hostap-jetson-2.10-arm64.deb --> hostapd, supplicant pkg Debian file.

Feel free to leave your comments here if you run into any problem. 

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