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Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux

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Is there a possibility to use roaming feature with  wpa_supplicant? 

In our test environment we are using two APs configured with same ssid,password. Both ssids are in the same band, only thing which is different is that the APs are set to use different channels (e.g 1 and 5).

We've tried roaming with wpa_supplicant,  with set roam_off = 1 and also roam_off=0. In those cases roaming is not working , device is switched from one AP to another using 4-way handshake. 

If roaming parameters are set using wl tool (band,delta,scan_period,roam_trigger) and roam_off = 0 we can see that device is switching without 4-way handshake.  As I understand in that case internal roaming is performed. 

I've followed this topic which is similar to this question :  but with there's no progress so far. 

Is there anything that should be enabled/disabled in fw, or some patch that should be added to wpa_supplicant to be able to do roaming? If so could you provide us with it?



wl version is 1.26 RC0.0

wpa_supplicant version is 2.9.


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Hi @tsaranovac ,

Can you tell me the version of FW you are using? For 43455 the version should be something like 7.45.230 or 7.45.234 . You can find it out with the 'wl ver' command. Is the firmware from our FMAC driver release package?

...some patch that should be added to wpa_supplicant to be able to do roaming? If so could you provide us with it?

Yes, you would have to add all the patches cypress-hostap_2_9 folder. You can follow the readme file provided in the package.


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@raks_99 fw version is : wl0: May 22 2020 21:24:34 version 7.45.214 (9c83742 CY) FWID 01-59feefd4.

The firmware which we have on our device is from yocto-release for embedded artists board. This is the repo  : git:// which is used in manifest file for meta-murata-wireless layer.

Requirement for our device is that it should work in station mode, not the AP mode. 

Other question regarding wl tool if we decide to use internal roaming, I have an issue with roam_prof command:root@imx7ulpea-ucom:/etc/wpa_supplicant# wl roam_prof b 0 -65 -100 10, -65 20 10 120 20 1 100                                                                                                                    

Unable to get wlc_ver iovar -45.

I'm getting this error.  Is there a document where I can find  the meaning of those error above and other error codes?

Also is there some up-to-date document related to wl tool. Only one which I can find is outdated 2018, and there are some new commands which are not documented there. Where can we find it?

BR. Thanks