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Wi-Fi Combo

Discussion forum regarding WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo topics.

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Studio Bluetooth

Discussion forum regarding WICED Studio Bluetooth topics.

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Discussion forum regarding WICED Smart Bluetooth topics.

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Wi-Fi Combo
Hello, I opened an old program to update my electronic card by reinstalling WICED Studio 6.6.1. When attempting to program my card with JTAG , I recei... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hello, I am trying to run the udp_transmit example included in the Wiced Studio SDK. This works fine if no changes are applied. However, I would like ... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
when I read the register of CHIPCOMMON_SR_CONTROL1 to check if the firmware initialized sr engine, it failed, so I wondered how to enable or disable t... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Keep getting those errors when connecting bonded Cysmart to CYW20719:Status : Connection Terminated Due to MIC Failure (0x3d)Encryption Status Event: ... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Infineon AIROC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo STM32 Expansion Pack is an extension of the CMSIS-Pack standard established by Arm. The pack is compliant with th... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hi Customer is developing with Murata 1GC on WICED.  They are sending with ux_device_class_cdc_acm_write. It is blocking.  It will stuck if other side... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hello. I have the sequent problem: I have developed a board with CYW943907 and an FPGA. I have to store FPGA configuration file (1.5Mbyte of size) in ... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Good afternoon. I am facing HTTPS speed issue on CYW943907AEVAL1F platform. When downloading a file via HTTPS, the speed drops almost 8 times, relativ... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Greetings,We're having an issue connecting to SOME of our prototype hardware via Seger JLINK  SWD mode.  It works fine on some boards but not others. ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi, As title. How to build ClientControl source code in WICED Studio SDK?? If anyway to modify and build custom ClientControl tool  based on code in W... Show More
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WICED™ Studio

Discussion forum regarding WICED™ Studio related topics.