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I am working as a software Engineer and I'm quite new to the CY7C6801a / 128 pin and keil uvision. I already have working firmware program and chip is on our own circuit.  We haven't change the firmware since very very long time so I don't know how to connect the chip with keil uvision 3 and debug on the board.If it is able to debug with this chip, I would like to know how to do it.


On our circuit board , there is a 6 pin debug connector . Pin connections are as follow:


Pin 1 -> TX0, Pin2 -> RX0, Pin3 ->TX1, Pin4 ->RX1, Pin5 -> Gnd, Pin6->3.3V.


To be able to debug the program, how should i connect ?Do i need the Ulink2 adapter to connect ? How can I convert the 10 pin Jtag to 6 pin connection that I currently have on board?


Many Thanks



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