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USB superspeed peripherals

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     I designed firmware and programmed the device.

     Win7 can identify it as my design name, and device(my firmware has been programmed already ) can be installed the driver.

     W10  identify it as UNKNOWN DEVICE, I can't  install the driver. In W10 , the VID & PID always be correct.

     When FX3 boots without any firmware , it will be identified as "Cypress WestBridge " in W10 if it has no driver, and it can be installed the defualt CY W10 driver successful.

     So, the problem must be in firmware , but I have no idea about this.

     How can I solve the problem ?

Best regards.

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Hi yyca

     I'm appreciate for your reply.

     I check my firmware , I find that CyFxUSBManufactureDscr has a mistake

     const uint8_t CyFxUSBManufactureDscr[] __attribute__ ((aligned (32))) =


              0x09,                           /* Descriptor size */

              CY_U3P_USB_STRING_DESCR,        /* Device descriptor type */






     CyFxUSBManufactureDscr has 10 bytes , but i set the first byte 0x09 . Then I set this to 0x0A.

     W10 can identify it correct. But I have no idea why Win7 is correctly.

      I'm trying to install driver now.

Thank you

Best regards

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