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Hi there,




is there a way to generate random numbers by facilities on the ARM9? I don't want to use the libc rand()/srand() but would rather resort to the processors native RNG, which does exist in the NXP MCU product (http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/LPC3130_31.pdf), so it might as well be present in the FX3.




If it is, is there an easy way to use it? If not, is there any other recommended way to generate a decent amount of entropy (about 4k at a shot)?




Thanks in advance,



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Hi Markus,




We do not have a random generator on the FX3 silicon. The only hardware option is to set up a GPIO timer with a low period (period = range of values to be generated) and sample it to get the random number.




The CyU3PGpioSetComplexConfig function can be used as follows to set up the timer:




CyU3PGpioComplexConfig_t gpioConf = {


                CyFalse, CyFalse, CyFalse, CyFalse,


                CY_U3P_GPIO_MODE_STATIC,                 /* The GPIO itself is not to be affected, we just use the timer. */


                CY_U3P_GPIO_NO_INTR,                            /* No interrupts associated with this timer. */


                CY_U3P_GPIO_TIMER_HIGH_FREQ,       /* Run the GPIO at the high clock frequency selected at GpioInit. */


                0,                                                                            /* Start timer at 0. */


                RANDOM_MAX,                                              /* Set the period to the range of the numbers to be generated. */


                0                                                                              /* The threshold is don't care. */




CyU3PGpioSetComplexConfig (0, &gpioConf);




The CyU3PGpioComplexSampleNow function can then be used to get the current timer value to serve as a random number.




Please note that the RANDOM_MAX needs to be set to a low value to be able to get good entropy.






Sai Krishna.

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 I think you can also use the api CyU3PGetTime to get the system time. I do some operation on it to get a random number .

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who  can tell me how to convert the number of tick from CyU3PGpioComplexSampleNow  to time