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USB superspeed peripherals

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I made a custom board based on Lattice USB3.0 Video Bridge devkit that's use an CYUSB3014-ZXI.

When I connected it through USB cable in USB Boot mode (F11), computer detected it as peripheral : Cypress USB Bootloader.
Then I flashed firmware USBVideoBridge_bulk.img with Control Center in the EEPROM (failed) and in the flash memory through SPI (success).

But when we go in mode : SPI, On Failure, USB boot is enable(0F1), the board is not detected by the computer.

Is it necessary to flash memory with JTAG for the first power up? Or did I missed something in the datasheet of bootmode? Because I think that memory never get flashed. 

If you have any idea about what's append, please tell me.

Waiting for your return.


PS: attached devkit datasheet and FX3 boot mode datasheet.

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The attached firmware enumerates fine with FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer kit. I tried USB boot and I2C boot. Both worked at my end.

It seems that there is some problem with SPI interface on the board. For testing your SPI connection, you can load our SPI example firmware into the RAM of FX3 and try to write data to the devices and read back the same. The examples are available in the FX3 SDK in the following location

For SPI Read / Write: <FX3 SDK INSTALLATION PATH> \ 1.3\firmware\serialif_examples\cyfxusbspiregmode

If the the firmware is not found, please re install the FX3 SDK.


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