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i need some unique id for the FPGA devices, I connected 3 different FPGA devices and i saw , through API, that In each device the serial number is an empty string.

Using device instance path in device manager may provide different results when plug unplug them, the device instance path may change.

i want to ask how can i burn serial number into the FPGA device? maybe there is already unique serial id for each FPGA and i didnt notice that?  May be there is some tool? Or may be there is another way in API to get some unique id for each FPGA device?

thanks and appreciate the help,


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Hi Adam,

Can you please confirm that you are using 1 FX3 and 1 FPGA at a time and then connecting a different FPGA's to the same FX3 and then checking according to your application, right?

Also, can you please specify what is the interface that you are using to communicate with the FPGA?

Can you please go through the datasheet and programming guides of FPGA to figure out if they have a register which can be programmed with a value uniquely?

This unique value can be used to either compare with a value in the firmware and then send a serial number string accordingly or we can directly read the register and update the serial number string of the FX3 which can be seen in Device instance path in Device Manager.

Please do share the necessary information asked above.