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Using version 1.3.3 of the FX3 SDK and an explorer board. The USB control center will correctly allow me to write to the I2C eeprom, with the resulting firmware booting as expected.


Sadly if I try and use the cyfwprog utility it keeps failing. Once reset the FX3 board appears to go into USB boot programmer mode but the second stage where it should write the new firmware fails. 


The .img file is created using elf2img. Does this need any special options?


Any thoughts please? I need to get this process automated ASAP. Many thanks.



R:\src\cypress\fx3\gpiftousb>cyfwprog -v -fw BootGpifDemo.img -dest I2C_EEPROM Parsing the arguments Arguments: -------------------------------------------- Firmware Path: BootGpifDemo.img Destination  : I2C_EEPROM --------------------------------------------  Device detected with vid = 0x4b4 and pid = 0xf3  Downloading the R:\apps\cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\\util\cyfwprog\CyBootProgrammer.img image for writing into EEPROM Reopening the USB device Device detected with vid = 0x4b4 and pid = 0x7 Downloading image BootGpifDemo.img Firmware download failed : Unknown error
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Can yoy test with the attached img ? I tested couple of times, and found that it works good with Explorer kit. 


Also, can you share the .img which you are using?