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We are trying to control brightness using the Denabola Eval board for the OV5640 MIPI Camera with a custom MIPI configurator and using this thread 基于CX3的UVC摄像头应用学习笔记-五 (UVC 图像属性控制), we have integrated the brightness control in Windows 10 In-Built Camera Software and it is working fine. But, we can't able to control the brightness using the same firmware in Android Devices with the general UVC Camera App. (UVC Camera App- ShenYao China Downloaded from Play store)

1. In Windows 10 - UVC Streaming and Brightness control working fine. For reference, please find the attached code.

2. In Android - UVC Streaming is working. But, brightness control is not working.

3. We tried the CX3RDKOV5640_1.3.133.309.img file from ECON SDK 1.3.3 with brightness control. In Windows 10 and Android - both UVC Streaming and Brightness control working fine.

From my analysis, serial debug log for CX3 with Android code and  

1. CX3RDKOV5640_1.3.133.309.img

                       bRType = 0x1, bRequest = 0xB, wValue = 0x0, wIndex = 0x1, wLength= 0x0 

2. My project file CX3_OV5640_auto log is,

                       CB failure
                       bRType = 0x2, bRequest = 0x1, wValue = 0x0, wIndex = 0x83, wLength= 0x0


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    Is your project a reference to the Cx3UvcOV5640 project in the FX3 SDK? Or are you just implementing the brightness control function in the FX3 SDK project Cx3UvcOV5640? Can you see the brightness slider in camera controls of the UVC Camera App?