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USB superspeed peripherals

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Hi, I'am new to the CX3 environment and started to build a application for converting 1928*1088 @ 60FPS  RAW10 MIPI to USB 3.0 UVC , we are using the CX3-RDK board from E-CON systems and we are designing our own daughter board. When using the configuration tool iam getting certain errors so need a bit of clarification on it. (Attached screenshots for your reference). In Image sensor configuration the CSI Clock is it referring the MIPI PIXEL Clock coming from the sensor? in that case our sensor gives 90Mhz but providing that value the tool is expecting a minimum value around 316Mhz. Our sensor has speed of 720Mbps per lane and we are using 2 lanes so i guess the output video format can be 16bit output


After giving these settings in image sensor configuration going on to CX3 receiver configuration following errors were occurred


Also tried to change the CSI Clock to the minimum expected value and changed output configuration to 24bit which eliminated the Parallel output error (Explanation on this problem would be great), but still cant achieve output pixel clock properly. 

Is my configuration is proper? if not what iam missing?

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You can use attached configuration. Parallel output is 24 bit.

Make sure to configure the MIPI Transmitter to the CSI clock chosen in the configuration.

Also note that the Hresolution data in bytes needs to be a muliple of 4 bytes. Hence I have changed it to 1920.

You can ignore the error shown at CSI clock in the attached configuration.



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