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Hi, I am trying to use CY7C68013A to transfer data from Sensor to PC. 


I use EP2 on slave FIFO mode.The FIFO is 512x4.My PC is programmed by VC++ 2012, using the function BeginDataXfer,WaitForXfer and FinishDataXfer to receive 1 frame per cycle.My driver is cyusb3.sys.


When my OS is win7,i can get data.


But in XP,when the Xfer length is lager than 3840000bytes,the system die,and i have to Forced shutdown.and when length is 3520000 or less,it can get data.


Then i use USB Control Center:Transfer Data-IN,it is the same.The WIN7 is OK,but XP die...(when Bytes to Transfer is 3840000)


So,what is the problem?OS?

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i think the ans is this...


bulk:win7 4MB for high and full speed


        xp    3MB for high and full speed




but in win7,when transfer size>4M,it can auto separate to 4M+the rest size.


in xp,when transfer size>3M,the system die...