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I am facing a huge issue with making the USB work on this device. Unfortunately for some reason the USBUART module is not available for it and I am trying with USBFS.


Even executing the datasheet sample using one of the built-in HID templates causes the software to always hang on USBFS_bGetConfiguration(). I've tried all the possible configurations for USB - HID, no HID, templates, mine. No change whatsoever - the software always hangs on bGetConfiguration().


Speaking about the hardware - nothing specific there, it has been set exactly as from the suggested solution in the datasheet.


Would anyone be able to post here a confirmed working sample for USB on CY7C64343 ?


Thank you all.




PS. To the Cypress' guys:


why there is no USBUART UM for this device?

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C'mon guys! Has anyone at all used this USB device to do USB???


It ALWAYS hangs on


while USBFS_bGetConfiguration();


no matter of the USB descriptors, PC OS or whatever else might be.


Please help!