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We are currently trying to get compliance for our USB3.0 device. On our board we have a slightly unorthodox implementation where our USB3.0 device is a TI PHY with an FPGA backend and the USB2.0 device is a completely separate FX2 chip. There are historical reasons for this.


I get 3 failures with the FX2 and they are as follows:


1. FX2 does not seem to support Link Power Management


2. There is no BOS descriptor


3. 'bcdUSB' field of the Standard Device Descriptor is set to 0x0200. This should be 0x02100 (ie., version 2.1 of the spec?)




Are there more up to date FX2 devices that will be compliant, or do I need to do a complete re-design for the USB2.0 part of our design?



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