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USB low-full-high speed peripherals Forum Discussions

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        I have some SL811HST and want to create USB device. I've read datasheet and got some questions: 1) Should (can) SL811HST receive SETUP packet when endpoint 0 configured for transmitting to host (direction bit of endpoint control register is cleared)? 2) How to solve handshake problems when transaction changes direction (on status stage, for example) ? If someone losts handshake packet, device will be deadlocked (for example, host will change transaction direction after IN transaction on status stage to send new SETUP, slave will not change direction [because of lost ACK], how can I make slave wait for any type of transaction (SETUP + IN or IN + OUT if transaction changes direction from OUT to IN)? ). 3) is RESET interrupt level triggered (interrupt enabled while bus is in reset state)?   
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