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USB low-full-high speed peripherals

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I am using the FX2LP board to capturing the image in CYUSB_LINUX(like data are giving, that we should seen in 'infile' window). After giving data, how we should store that data in file). Is their any procedure to store the data in file. (In linux ).


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Hello Dhanuja,

The control center application in the linux SDK will allow to save the file only send a file through a loopback.

I have altered the application so that you can receive data and capture it in a file.

Please find the main.cpp file attached to this response.

Replace the main.cpp with the file attached here in the gui_src folder and do a sudo make in the same folder(gui_src) so that the main.o is regenerated.

Once this is done please follow the steps in the README file (in folder cyusb_linux_1.0.5) in the SDK to install the libcyusb library and GUI application.

After installing library and the GUI application  you can capture the received data in a file by selecting the proper endpoint and file location using the in-file box.

Mention the size of data that is to be received in the "Size(bytes)" box, and then click Receive.

Let me know is this is what you needed.

Best Regards,


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