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Hi ,


I am having trouble with my system going into suspend and never coming out of it. I had to comment out the block in the main loop that handles TD_SUSPEND and TD_RESUME. I also have Rwuen set to False. In the current state sometimes during startup, the cypress firmware enters suspend mode and never comes out of it. Sometimes it enumerates as Unknown device.


I am really confused about how to safely handle a suspend and resume in the cypress firmware. I followed the AN61345 app note. My design does not have VBUS monitoring. The WAKEUP pin is tied to 3.3V. The FPGA is the master and the Cypress is the slave being run in slave FIFO mode using indexed flags. I am using all 4 endpoints 2,4,6,8 double buffered. AutoIn and Auto out enabled.


I really need someone from Cypress to take a look at my code and tell me what I am missing. I have read the Tech manuals several times and could not figure out what needs to be done.


Please help




Victor Selvaraj

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Hi Victor,


Please be informed that issue is being analyzed in the Tech Support Case you created.




-Madhu Sudhan