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Thank you for any help you can provide.  Presently we have the FX2 doing a boot loader from a large I2C EEPROM specifically an 24LC512 device from Microchip.  That is located at address 1010001(A2=A1=0 and A0=1) as per the TRM.  We also have another EEPROM sitting at address 1010101 for extra data store it is also a 24LC512.  I would like to combine these two EEPROMs into an 24LC1025 device from Microchip.  But this device only allows the setting of A1 and A0 and A2 is not setable.  When you access the EEPROM you have to write a value into a Block bit to set whether you read from the upper half of the EEPROM or the lower half.  So the address looks something like this 1010BA1A0 where in the setup above A1=0 and A0=1 => 1010B01.  Unfortunately I do not think this will work for boot load applications.  According to the TRM the FX2 on bootload checks the A2,A1,A0 bits to determine if there is an appropiate I2C EEPROM to boot from.  I don't know how this plays with the 24LC1025 situation.


I didn't state above that we wanna boot load out of the EEPROM because we come up USB and enumarate to our own info.


So does anyone know if the FX2 can be setup to use the 24LC1025 or not and how.





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