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Hi Cypress

We already downloaded the “CyUSBSerial_SDK_Linux.zip” today.

  • After we decompress the the *.zip file, we checked the source codes of Linux SDK.
    • The codes are the Linux user-space driver for  CY7C65211-24LTXIT.
    • It accesses the CY7C65211-24LTXIT over libusb library.
  • Our customer asked about the Linux kernel driver (Linux kernel mode) for USB-to-I2C.

2-1) Does CY7C65211-24LTXIT support the Linux kernel driver for the USB-to-I2C access?

   If yes, could you provides the source codes of the Linux kernel driver to us?

Thank you.

Best Regards.

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There is no special driver needed for Vendor mode device operation in Linux. We use libusb library for the same.



Hi Cypress

Our customer asked us to tune the performance of the USB-to-I2C application

with CY7C65211 on Linux OS (x86_64).


  • And they passed  the following URL link to us.

Reduce Delay Observed During I2C Read Operations In USB-Serial – KBA227320



  • In the URL link, it said:

This will reduce the observed delay between the APIs to the order of thousands of microseconds,

which is significantly less than that produced with the cyusbserial.dll file present in the USB-Serial SDK.


  • But the solution is for Windows OS (*.dll) and there are not the source codes in the attachment.


  • We wish to port the solution to the Linux driver for the enhancement of the performance.

1-2-1) Could you send us the source codes of the solution (USB-Serial Library.zip) in the attachment?