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I have a few I2C components on my board and am looking for a proper adapter (hardware plus GUI) to program them. I now have following questions on CY3240-I2USB.

1. Does it support Windows 7 OS?
2. My components on board have +/-2.5V power supplies. Is it compatible with CY3240-I2USB?
3. Wonder why I2C connector has a "INT" signal (Pin4). Usually 3 lines (SDL, SDA and GND) are enough.
4. Don't see I2C protocol in user's guide. How does editor support programming?


Once bought TI adapter but can't make it work. Later on found out it doesn't support Windows 7 (all computers in company are Windows 7). Its GUI seems not very friendly. Before buying another one I'd like to confirm it's what I can use.


Any inputs or comments will be very much apprecited.

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1. Yes, it supports Windows 7 OS.


2.Are you talking about your device's power supply?? Is it self powered?Please clarify.


3.Yes,  3 lines (SDL, SDA and GND) are enough. "INT" signal (Pin4) is for ISSP Programming.


4. See     .