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hello. I used CYUSB2014-BZXC chip for getting data from GPIF.

CYUSB2014-BZXC Booting mode is usb boot. and I did upgrade firmware with RAM mode

The configuration of my board is as follows.

CYUSB2014-BZXC is conneted with ARM CPU by USB 2.0 Interface.

data line is conneted with CYUSB2014-BZXC by GPIF ( use 0-7 data line. and data valid line is connected with GPIO18.  and CLK line is connected with GPIO16 )

At first, the CYUSB2014-BZXC chip was recognized normally in the kernel.

I used the GpifToUsb example source to create the firmware, apply it to the board, and test it. At some point, the chip is not recognized.

After that, it is not recognized even if hardware reset is executed.

As far as I know, I know that hardware reset will boot with default firmware.

When the kernel is booted with hardware reset, the CYUSB2014-BZXC is not visible on the usb bus. Running lsusb or running 01_getdesc does not show CYUSB2014-BZXC on the usb bus.

I want to know how to fix CYUSB2014-BZXC. And I want to know why this is happening.

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The CYUSB201x-xxxx has an errata when the Booting mode is USB Boot.

Please look at the following URL: http://www.cypress.com/file/140296/download

The workaround states apply a Reset after connecting to the Host. Can you try by applying a Soft Reset signal from ARM CPU.

Also kindly share the hardware schematic

Thank You & Regards,