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We have been using CY7C68013A 128 PIN for three years, which is used for communication between upper computer and FPGA, and FIFO Read to operate GPIF interface mode, which is pass-through and does not require firmware operation data.

The problem is that there is no problem with the chip work of the old batch. Since the new batch of chips is used, it is found that there is error data in the transmission process, and the higher the temperature is, the greater the number of error data will be, which is positively correlated with the temperature. However, this problem will not occur with the chip of the old batch!

We let the FPGA generate a set of standard data that the upper computer reads.

No matter how hot the chip of the old batch is, there will be no error data, but the chip of the new batch will have error data, the data is as follows, and the higher the temperature is, the more error data will be. In addition, the actual operating temperature of the chip is about 40℃. The scattered data in the picture is the wrong data.

The old batch (17 years old) chip inventory will soon be exhausted


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Can you please share the schematic for review.

If it is confidential, please mail it to ykum@cypress.com