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Dear Sir/Madam,




I have recently purchased the NX2LP-Flex Development board (which comes with a seperate CY3684 board with the FX2LP chip for development purposes) and have issues with getting started.  I am running Windows 7 x64 on an intel I7 computer.   I began to follow the instructions in the dev kit getting started guide,  plugged in the FX2LP board (with NX2LP board mounted on-top) and all the status LEDs (1-5)  were lit.  THe board was configured with EEPROM ON and LARGE EEPROM.  Windows detected the USB as an unkown device and I proceeded the install the drivers.   I used the windows vista x64 driver, but it resulted in a "Cypress NX2LP - Unprogrammed USB Device" to appear in Device manager, so I thought the installation of drivers was sucessful.  However upon connecting the RS232 cable and loading Keil, the Green LED D7 remained unlit and the PC did not mount my device as a drive letter, as suggested by the getting started guide.    The Nandmfg.exe program could not find the device either.




I wanted to get this to work, so uninstalled the drivers and tried reinstalling the windows 7 drivers x64 for  CY7C68013.  Now the device was detected as cypress fx2lp dev kit.  But i still could not detect the device using Nandmfg.exe.  In order to try to get the whole thing working I ended up following a forum support note which suggested that I should flash the NAND chips on my NX2LP board with firmware.. So on USB Control Centre I flashed the 4k page file.iic file using the ProgramFX2>64kb eeprom menu  , (as I had a 4k NAND chip installed in U4 and U8 on the NX2LP board as it came shipped with these).  The operation completed sucessfully, but now my device does not appear in the device manager at all, even with view hidden devices setting on.  I am worried that I may have made the EEPROM inaccesiblle.




Furthermore when I switch to small eeprom the device is detected under Other devices  as an unkown device, but I can't install any of the drivers successfully.  The PID and VID are as follows in this case: \VID_04B4&PID_0082&REV_0000.


When I switch the eeprom off, the device, after installation of drivers installs sucessfully as FX2LP Development Kit in device manager.  But again I can't seem to detect the device on Nanmfg.exe, although the device is found in the Cypress USB suite control centre. This time the PID and VID are as follows: USB\VID_04B4&PID_8613&REV_:001.


Can you please help me to get the kit back to factory settings and help me get started to mount the device as a drive (which your kit promises comes out the box!)?


Your help is much appreciated.




Many Thanks,





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Please follow http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=62725