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Hi all,


Apologies if I've selected the wrong forum; it wasn't clear to me where questions regarding CCGx USB-C devices should go. I am attempting to build a proof of concept for a simple DisplayPort pass-through using the CYPD3120 DP Dongle example firmware. So far all I have is a blinking LED and billboard info showing the vendor/product ID. I am also able to read the configuration using EZ-PD Configuration Utility.


What exactly is needed to prompt a HPD event? My understanding in reviewing the example is that this is done using events transmitted on the CC line. But I see nothing that calls eval_app_alt_hw_cmd, which appears to be the driver for the generation of the HPD events. Is there any way to prompt the HPD event/message programmatically?


I also have a DDI (an I2C slave device ready to provide an EDID on the correct address) connected to the AUX_P/AUX_N lines on the CYPD3120, but I have not been able to get the Mac to interpret the dongle as a display.


Has anyone been able to successfully prototype using the CYPD3120? Any pointers?



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