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For a student project I have to control the CY7C67300 on a Xilinx Virtex-4 ML403 board. I use the chip co-processor mode and communicatie with it with a FPGA. The protocol I use is HPI and the programlanguage is VHDL. I use the AN6010 as a guidline for programming everything. Everthing works fine until I send my first TD_List. Normally after you send the list and you read the SIE1msg register you should see 0x1000. But all I get is 0x0000. When i read the HPI Status port I see that the 5th bit isn't set. I have no idea how to fix the problem. I've tried everything (checking the timings, ect)




Wouter Samyn

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 Can you please create a tech-support case for this query? This is a fairly more complicated issue, and we'd like to get you involved with our tech-support team. 


You can create a case by clicking on "MyAccount"->"MyCases" in the menu bar on top..