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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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We are trying to bring up our custom FX3 board which is supposed to interface with an FPGA board. However , due to mistake in the PCB footprint of the USB3.0 B-type connector, the pin numbers have been swapped. (USB3.0 B-type connector has 10 pins, and pin number 1 is where pin number 10 was supposed to be, similarly pins 2-9, 3-8 and so on). Right now to be able to check other functionalities and connections, we modified the cable and board such that, the FX3 is detected as a USB2.0 device. With the board  and cable modifications, the device is detected in device manager as Cypress FX3 USB BootLoader Device as well as on the USB Control Center.

However when I try to flash an FX3 example firmware to the device through USB Control Center, I get a message saying Programming Failed. However the same firmware when I flash to the RAM of superspeedkit, I get a Programming Succeeded message. I have verified the PMODE pins, which are kept as F1F, (I2C flash is present, but does not contain a valid firmware as of now).

1) Is there a log produced by USB control center which gives reasons for the failure of the programming

2) If there was an error in the cable modification (say D+ and D- are swapped), will the device be detected at all by the PC?

3) Any other hardware issue, which can cause the programming failure

Any other points which can help in further analysis of the issue will be a lot of help

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Hello Aneesh,

As you are using the custom board, please follow AN70707 Application Note for hardware design guidelines and check that the schematic of your board with the checklist given in the application note.




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