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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I am working on a project with UVC hardware. I am taking the analog video data from an ADC with an FPGA and send the pixel data to USB FX3 chip. I am using an FPGA board and the ADC board is seperate from this board, they are connected via connectors. LVDS outputs of ADC should be routed differentially on PCB, which is fine because i can do that since i design the ADC board. However, there is a problem, LVDS traces between the FPGA board connectors and FPGA chip should be routed differentially. I was previosly using the FPGA board of Ztex 2.14e, which includes an FPGA chip and Cypress FX3 chip, but this board's IO traces are not routed differentially.

So, here is my question, do you know any alternative FPGA boards which includes an FPGA chip and Cypress FX3 chip?  Also, the USB chip should be programmable on this board since i need to use the FX3 chip with UVC hardware.   

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