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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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I create a project with CX3 configuration tool. The sensor is a time of flight sensor.And I configure the right parameter. After running, I cannot get frame data. I measure the LV(HSync) and FV(VSync) signals and find that they are not generated. But I measure the mipi data lane and find that there is data and signal on all the data lane. The signal on the clock lane is right,but the level on one clock line is twice the level on the other clock line.For examaple, the level on one clock line is 600 mV,then the level on the other clock line is 280 mV. This should not be right. So what is the problem?

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Please let me know what is FPC.

- In the MIPI configuration, you have mentioned the CSI Clock to be 270 MHz. Why it is 270 MHz. The clock (waveform) in you previous post shows that clock frequency is 135 MHz

You said the the clock from sensor is 45 MHz. Please confirm.

- The CSI clock field in the tool should be populated with clock frequency which is provided by the Camera sensor (MIPI Transmitter).

-All the fields on the left hand side of the tool i.e under MIPI CSI2 Inputs should be populated with values coming from the Camera sensor.

-The right hand side i.e. CX3 MIPI Interface  Configuration can be tweaked to get the pixel clock which would be used for CX3

- Jumpers can be the cause of problem as the clock frequency is too high. You cannot use jumper for these lines. We would recommend to have proper routing of the MIPI lines.




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