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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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        In my design,68013A works as slave fifo mode.When data was sent as about 4MB/s the data seems like lost some one.The wave form reconstructed by the data which got through 68013 by PC looks like discontinuous.The drivers I used were cyusb.inf and CyUSB.sys which download from offical website. My data's form was 496 Byte as a data packet,if I used 68013's pktend signal to end a data transmission,every data transmission will consume 40us.And the period bwtween data packet was 120us.See from the wave form there are a lot of discontinuity.That's maybe reslut from the lost data.Later I observed from oscilloscope,68013's EP8's full flag was an irregular square wave.If data was wrote when EP8's full flag enable the data was not sent to PC yet then will be coverd by follow data.If I don't use pktend signal instead of writing data to 68013 continual,the EP8's full flag appearred and lasted 5ms by 40us(maybe different sample rate behave a little differece). Anyone can help analyze and resolve this problem?   
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