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I have a project very similar to the following customer (Fast Charge and USB serial communication).

We have tested the modified CYPD3125-40LQXI_notebook example on the CY4531 Development kit with success. However, for production due to the parts shortages we are considering the CYPD3135.

1) Are these parts the same silicon just with bootloader differences?

2) Can we simply switch the modified CYPD3125-40LQXI_notebook example to target CYPD3135 and CC bootloader? Or can we modify the CYPD3135-40LQXI_power_adapter example to add the DR_SWAP?

3) I want to confirm that we can implement similar functionality. Our application *is* closer to a "power adapter" (as the 3135 application claims) in that always charge the device but with the addition that we want the tablet to be in host mode for USB communication via DR Swap. It is possible with the CYPD3135?

Thank you for your time!

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CYPD3135 includes only Rp termination and no Rd termination. Therefore it can only act as Power Source. Since your application requires CCG3 to be Power Source, you can change CYPD3125 notebook project to CYPD3135. 

Follow this article to change the device part -

In case you want to use I2C bootloader, you will have to convert the bootloader project present along with the notebook project to work with CYPD3135 by making changes following same steps as above article.

As suggested earlier, CCG3 should be configured such to be only power source. Configuration parameters such as Port role, PR_SWAP response must be properly set using EZ-PD Configuration Utility.

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