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I have a board with CCG3PA (CYPD3175-24LQXQ). Now i have to program it to use it as a port controller.

I was thinking to use the CY4532 to program it. I followed the user manual but still I can't do it. When i open EZ-PD Configuration Utility i can't see any port.


Any one can help me how to do it, or any sugestion?

Thank you

1 Solution


     Please carry out the following steps in the given order,

  • Update the EZ-PD Configuration utility software.
  • Follow the correct Jumper settings (refer CY4532 EVK guide)
  • The silicon to be programmed should be connected accordingly as mentioned in the previous reply.


  • The steps should be followed in a proper sequence mentioned in the CY4532 EVK guide. I have attached the steps for your reference,
      • Remove the power supply connected on the DC Jack (J3) of the CY4532 Power Board.
      • Detach the CY4532 Main Board pre-mounted on top of the CY4532 Power Board.
      • Connect a USB Type-C EMCA cable between the USB Type-C port (J13) of the CY4532 Power Board and the USB Type-C port on the external hardware.
      • Connect the USB Micro-B cable between the USB Micro-B port (J12) of CY4532 Power Board and a USB Type-A port of the PC/laptop.            

                       (Note: For the Rev ** of the CY4532 EVK, use USB Type-A to Mini-B cable)

      • Connect the 12 V DC power adapter provided with the kit to the CY4532 Power Board’s DC Jack (J3).
      • Set the Switch (SW1) on the Power Board to the ‘DC INPUT’ position.
      • Invoke the EZ-PD Configuration Utility on the PC/laptop and follow the programming procedure described in the User Manual of the utility.
      • You can also click Help > User Manual in the EZ-PD Configuration Utility to access this user manual.
  • Even after following the above-mentioned steps if there are no devices detected by the config utility, try updating the firmware of CCG4 to MTK and repeat the above steps. The path for the MTK cyacd file is as shown,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-PD Configuration Utility\Firmware\MTK.


Abhilash P

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