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Hello Community,

I'm using CCG3PA for my custom development.

My source is capable of supplying 5A current but will not be able to source Vconn.

I configured Srccapabilities to 5A in Configuration utility and built and programmed respective FW but current capability changes are not reflected in SrcCaps packet. So I believe that - For CCG3PA to advertise 5A capabilities its PDSS stack will also validate for SOP1 capabilities before advertising SrcCaps during PDC AMS. correct ?

If that is the case as my Source is unable to provide Vconn connected E-marker Cable will not be able to respond to SOP1 DiscID packets. So I need a mechanism or provision in PD Stack to bypass this SOP1 validation.

Can i get this work-around in PD stack.


Thanks and regards,


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