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The PMG1-S1 has an internal USB2.0 data mux (USBDP_TOP/USBDM_TOP and USBDP_BOT/USBDM_BOT). For our charger application, we do not need USB data. We have some questions in regards to this:

1. Can we omit connections to USBD*_TOP and USBD*_BOT? If yes, can we leave them floating or should we tie them to ground? I couldn't find this information in the datasheet.

2. Is there any additional feature of this USB connection other than the MUX? For example, can the USB interface be used to configure the PMG1-S1?


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Hello JoLu,

Thank you for posting on Infineon Community.

We understand that you do not require the USB D- D+ lines.

1. Yes, you can omit the connections.
If you uncheck the pins from Modus Toolbox, the pins will be high impedance by default.
Therefore, you can either leave them floating or connect them to GND.

2. The additional features of the D- D+ lines are charger detection/emulation for detecting USB BC1.2 and Apple terminations.
If these lines are not used, the above-mentioned features will not be available.

If by configuration you mean firmware update: no, PMG1 cannot be updated using the USB lines.
If by configuration you mean PD configuration: no, the PD configuration is carried out using the CC lines of the type-C connector.

I hope this clarified your doubts.

Best regards,

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