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Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place.

My company has been developing this charger for a while now, but the developers we hired to program it are struggling.

We are using the CYPD3175-24LQXQ in conjunction with an ACT4751 PPS. 

The Source we were given to work with the 4751 (it sorta does exist) is very kludgey and missing some things.  They were also having a great deal of difficulty with the debugger, though I must admit I don't really understand what they are telling me in that regard.

We have a very broad power input range (10-40VDC) though not all PDOs need to work at the lower voltages.  Additionally, we need full legacy support for USB charging (which is missing from source).  Also, we would very much like QC4 to work.  We need to limit PDOs (renegotiate or throttle back PPS) when the unit is overtemp.  There is a 16bit AD for monitoring this.  Apparently the current devs have rewritten the I2C driver to accommodate this.

Our unit has the option of an additional USB-A or C "slave" board in the same package which also needs to function.

If anyone has a good lead on an experienced dev who could help us, please message me.

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You could get firmware SDK of CYPD317x from the website:

And Cypress also have reference design for CCG3PA+ACT4571, the download link is :EZ-PD™ CCG3PA USB-C(PPS)/USB-A Charging Power Hub Solution using Qorvo, formerly Active-Semi, refere...

If you are not following Cypress reference, you have to generated a firmware based on the specified hardware schematic, the firmware SDK could download it from the link: EZ-PD CCGx Power Software Development Kit (

Best Regards,



Thanks?  I guess...  Are you an embedded software developer?  want a job?



I would be interested in helping you build the software. Can we connect?




Sure.  I notice you've just joined the forum.  Perhaps you can give me some details about your experience with PSoC and USB charging?


Sure would be happy to share more details.

Me and my team have been working on a power bank with 100W PD PPS and 60W PD PPS outputs. We are considering using CCG3PA+SC8815 for our 100W PD PPS system. (Though I should say we are concerned with the low availability of CCG3PA at the moment.)

With regards to PSOC, we do not have much experience but have experience working with other cortex MCUs. And coming to USB charging, have worked with USB PD 2.0 systems, Qualcomm quick Charge 3.0 and other Fast charging protocol systems. We have also worked on another product that involved legacy USB charging system and supported BC1.2, YD/T and apple 2.1A specifications.

Let me know if we can take this conversation over to email? You can reach me at


Amith Bysani