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I have questions about Configuration Parameters:

Can you please explain those Parameters in detail

1) "Dead battery"  event mask 

   this Parameter  is only useful for "dead battery" condition ? and how to use this Parameter  ?

2) Rp supported  and Current level

    what diffetent between "Rp supported" and "Current level" ?

    Both of two Parameters  seems the same for setting Rp level.

3). AMD platform type - Renoir, Rembrandt_A0, Rembrandt_B0

     How to know platform is Rembrandt A0 or B0?

4). For Rembrandt platform, the FW uses the one I2C Master (SCB) to inteface RETIMER and SOC, right?

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Hello ,

1. For the dead-battery, this is event is flag of CCGx boot from dead battery case. The application could use this flag to identify the difference boot case. 

2. rp_supported is presenting the Rp value of CC when CCGx is working as power source.  current_level is presenting power sink capabilities.  and change over current based on this value at Type-C state machine. 

3. Rembrandt_A0, Rembrandt_B0 is identified by AMD, AMD will notify end customer which silicon version was shipped to end customer. 

4. Yes.


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