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I have a question regarding the CY4531 CCG3 EVK, and the conversion from a Source device to a Sink device via replacement of the PS8740 Mux.

(see thread here:Can the CY4531 Evaluation Kit be used as a Client as opposed to a Host?).

As per that thread, I replaced the PS8740 with a PS8742B on the CY4531 baseboard.

I also modified the CCG3 firmware (disabled DP_DFP_SUPP and added a #define for DP_UFP_SUPP As suggested here).

I have the USB-C source (a CY4541) successfully powering the CY4531, but I'm hoping to also pass over the DisplayPort video coming from the CY4541, into the USB-C connector on the CY4531, and then put the video out to a monitor via the DisplayPort connector J4 on the CY4531.  Basically, I want this:


Which is essentially a USB-C to DP dongle.  Right now I'm just using the USB-C power to power the CY4531, and not the monitor as well.  The monitor is on its own AC power. 

I know this cannot be done on the unmodified CY4531, but I was under the impression I could make this happen with the replacement of the PS8740 with a PS8742B as well as the modification of the firmware and configuration.

Should I be able to make this happen with what I have here (and it's just an issue with my configuration of the CCG3?), or have I misunderstood what is actually possible with these kits?  Could using a DP to DVI adapter from the CY4531 to the monitor be causing a problem?

I notice the firmware still reports NOTEBOOK for the CY4531, is that something I need to change through device Firmware/Configuration to get this working?

I have attached the config I am currently using.  I'm sure there's probably something wrong with it since all this USB-C is new territory for me .

Thank You!

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You could design a new schematic based on CCG3 Type-C receptacle DRP Reference Design (Power source & DisplayPort Sink) instead of replacing the PS8740 on CY4531. PS8740 and PS8742B is not pin-to-pin compatiable.


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