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Traveo II
Hi! Can you provide the following information about  CYT2B95BACQ0AZSGS:         Die size dimensions:          Fab location:         PB-free:         E... Show More
Traveo II

I would like to know if CYT2B73CADQ0AZSGS can support XCP calibration. Bu the way,  I couldn’t find any info in the data sheet. 

Traveo II
Hello. This Traveo2's Cluster product is under review. I'm currently trying to save external image data to HyperFlash or HSFlash using Miniprog4, but ... Show More
Traveo II
CAN bus cannot transmit complete interrupt I try to use all Interrupt for can  can erro and can RX can be use   but can TX all Interrupt invalid。 i ne... Show More
Traveo II
I needs the safety case documents on Traveo II CYT4BB/BF. - Traveo II security low level driver safety manual - FMEDA and failure rate - Safety case r... Show More
Traveo II
Does anybody know whether there is an evaluation board / starter kit having any of the CYT3BB (Traveo II single Cortex M7 core) microcontrollers? Show More
Traveo II
Hi , I am using sample code from TVII_Sample_Driver_Library_7.2.0 library example code of work flash it is storing some data in workflash and reading ... Show More
Traveo II
Hi, I'm refer to the programming spec(002-22035 Rev. *B) of Traveo II to develop the programming algo. Regarding to the CallSromApi subroutine, there ... Show More
Traveo II
Hi, I noticed that the following page has been updated. Show More
Traveo II
  what is the difference between those three boards, I Understand that all of them are socketed body evaluation board. so  1- Are the evaluation board... Show More
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Traveo II

Discussion forum regarding 32-bit Traveo™ II Microcontroller - based on ARM® for automotive body electronics applications; cutting-edge performance, safety, and security features topics.
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