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TDA38827 DCDC IPOL migration guide

TDA38827 DCDC IPOL migration guide

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We're living in the age of connectivity. Every day, we constantly create, send and receive data. IoT has been one of the most important trends in high-tech over the past couple of years and keeps evolving at a fast pace.

Therefore, the technology for applications such as server, communication and storage needs to constantly adapt to new requirements while ensuring energy efficiency. Infineon is committed to answer to these challenging market conditions, in order to better assist you.

And that's why we introduce the new generation of OptiMOS™ IPOL voltage regulators – specifically the TDA38827 – with superior efficiency and lower power losses compared to the previous IPOL parts.

This e-Learning is intended to act as a migration guide from several previous IPOL products to the new TDA38827 IPOL product.

TDA38827 DCDC IPOL migration guide.png