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PROFET™+2 12 volt, DEN Pin function, intelligent restart control

PROFET™+2 12 volt, DEN Pin function, intelligent restart control

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Infineon´s SMART7 high-side switches provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and protection features.

The whole family offers:

- Outstanding energy efficiency with reduced current consumption;
- State–of-the-art current sense accuracy;
- Benchmark low cranking voltage capability;
- Faster switching and slew rate with no impact on ElectroMagnetic Compatibility, or EMC!

Also, they are optimized for design flexibility across the family, thanks to their pin-to-pin compatibility

If you haven’t seen our Infineon’s 12-volt high-side switches based on SMART7 technology training, regarding the basics of PROFET™+2 12 volt, make sure to do so before you watch this training!

Would you like to know more about the technical aspects of PROFET™+2 12 volt?

Watch the video to know: 

- How both protections (intelligent restart control and intelligent latch) work.

- The reset via DEN pin function;

- The different diagnosis cases in ON and OFF states.

Diving into the protection and diagnosis features of PROFET™+2 12 volt.png