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Optimize your device's behavior with SiC SPICE compact models

Optimize your device's behavior with SiC SPICE compact models

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SiC MOSFET's feature excellent on-state characteristics and are capable of ultra-fast switching. Yet, despite their functional simplicity of being electronic switches, the actual static and dynamic electrical and thermal behavior of SiC MOSFETs is quite complex.

The switching performance in particular is influenced by the chip's inherent properties, the device's operating conditions and the external circuitry. Optimizing operating conditions and circuitry can significantly improve the device performance in an application.

Circuit designers benefit from SPICE compact models that they can use in computer simulation to understand, troubleshoot and optimize the static and dynamic device behavior of applications through virtual prototyping.

This training explains the characteristics and use cases of simulation models offered by Infineon for CoolSiC™ MOSFETs, what to use them for and how to use them effectively.