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How to drive SiC MOSFETs reliably

How to drive SiC MOSFETs reliably

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By component level thinking, the datasheet of a SiC MOSFET shows several VGS limitations which prevent users from over-driving and causing gate threshold voltage drift in long term operation.​​

A negative driving voltage is often recommended by other SiC MOSFET vendors as the gate threshold voltage of planar SiC MOSFETs is lower than in Infineon's CoolSiC™ MOSFETs.

Infineon does not recommend driving CoolSiC™ with negative voltage, but offers an efficient solution to guarantee the reliability of the SiC MOSFET in long term operation. Stay tuned to learn more! 

Watch this training to:

- Learn the correct way to design a gate driver circuit of SiC MOSFETs by understanding;

- Discover the gate driving limitation in SiC MOSFETs;

- Understand the reason for gate driving limitation parameters in datasheets;

- See the VGS waveform issue in real applications;

- Get to know the possible solution to overcome those issues and improve the reliability.

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