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How MA2304 solves class D audio design challenges

How MA2304 solves class D audio design challenges

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Energy efficiency is a popular trend these days, and audio equipment is no different.

Why would you use a battery powered speaker that dies just as the party is getting going? Or why would use a hot and bulky AC audio device that is inefficient and will cause you to have an unpleasant surprise when your electric bill comes? You wouldn't do those things if you had an alternative, would you?

Luckily there is an alternative, and it comes in the form of Infineon's MA2304xNS family of audio amplifier ICs with MERUS™ multilevel class D audio amplifier technology.

Watch this training to:

- Become familiar with the challenges faced when designing low-mid power battery and AC powered class D audio devices;

- Understand how MA2304xNS can help to solve these challenges​;

- Get to know about the benefits the MA2304xNS family brings to the table.

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